Quality Apartments
With No Hidden Fees

Our residents are not idioms.

They know the meaning of real value!

Some property owners will use “every trick in the book” to “pull the wool over your eyes” with cheap incentives like FREE RENT. Chances are, however, you’ll pay for it later—with a substantial rent increase, hidden fees, or poor quality, service, or maintenance. That’s just how they compensate for something that’s “too good to be true.”

But not Southern Management.
Instead of freebies, we offer a great apartment at a fair price. There are no amenity fees, no trash-removal fees, or any other fees that can secretly add up month after month. Plus, every one of our 75 communities is backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee and FlexRent option that doesn’t trap or pressure you into signing a new lease. Experience the Southern difference today.

The 5 “must-dos” before renting an apartment:

  1. Beware of gimmicks like free rent.
  2. Check the stability and longevity of the management company.
  3. Read the fine print.
  4. Make sure there’s a satisfaction clause.
  5. Check to see if you have a service guarantee.

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