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Team Member Engagement Survey 2022

What is the goal of the survey?

The goal of this survey is to support our most critical corporate goal of improving team member            engagement to create a stronger workplace in which team members:

  • Feel connected to one another, their supervisors and the company
  • Believe they are recognized appropriately for doing good work
  • Understand what is expected of them and their role within the organization
  • Feel supported to do their work to the best of their ability and are encouraged to participate in development opportunities

Stronger workplaces experience a lower turnover rate, are more profitable, and have fewer accidents, lower health care costs, fewer workers’ compensation claims and better customer service.


Who is conducting the survey?

Gallup, a third-party vendor, will conduct the survey. Gallup has decades of experience conducting confidential team member engagement surveys in companies worldwide.


Who can take the survey?

All regular full-time and part-time team members who started before Aug. 1, 2022, are invited to take the survey. Gallup will send an email to those team members with a link to the survey. The link will also be provided on this page as soon as the survey goes live.

You will need your position ID number to access the survey. You can find your position ID number in the ADP Workforce Now employment profile if using a web browser (sign on and click on “Myself” at the top of the site) and professional profile (instructions provided on the site) if using the mobile app.


Who sees my responses?

No one at Southern will have access to data that identify specific team member responses. Gallup uses specific rules to ensure confidentiality of individual responses. Southern only receives the aggregated results. Gallup includes individual results with other respondents’ data it receives and reports these results at the work-unit, business-unit and companywide levels.


Can my organization identify me from my responses?

No. The reports contain engagement results for the group only. To protect each person’s confidentiality, Gallup does not generate reports for groups that did not have enough people answer the survey items.


Can my organization see my answers?

No. The only information that your organization receives is a collective breakdown of a business unit’s results. Reports do not contain information about team members or ways for a manager to determine individual responses.


Is the survey voluntary?

Yes, but completing the survey means that you are voicing your opinions and, as a result, you are actively participating in creating a great workplace. At Southern, we promote, value and honor the idea of sharing the unvarnished truth. This is an opportunity to do just that!


Why care about team member engagement?

Research reveals that it is critical for team members to feel supported, valued and included in the workplace. Engaged team members are more productive and more likely to withstand temptations to leave the organization. Developing a team member engagement strategy and linking it to achieving corporate goals contributes to sustainability and helps companies win in the marketplace.


How do you describe an “engaged team member”?

At Southern, we want our team members to feel engaged in and enthusiastic about their work. We want them to be thrilled at the challenge of their work every day. We want to ensure they know the scope of their job and are in roles that use their talents. And we want to encourage their desire to look for new and different ways of achieving the outcomes of their role.


How should I interpret the items on the survey?

Interpret each item in terms of what it means to you. What the item means to you depends on your role in the organization and what is important to you in your role.


Whom or what am I rating when I answer an item? Am I rating my immediate supervisor, my department manager, my organization or something else?

You are rating your current workplace environment, which is made up of many things that are most important to you. The greatest concern is whether your needs are being met. Only you can determine that, so we need your honest feedback.


What am I supposed to rate with this survey?

Rate your current workplace environment. Whether you have been with your organization or in your current role for two months or 10 years, you should rate your current work environment.


What if I changed jobs during this past year? Which job should I reference when I take the survey?

Your answers should reflect the position you are in at the time of the survey.


Why do I need to provide my position ID number to participate in the survey?

All survey participants will be asked to enter their position ID number to ensure each team member can take the survey only once and that Gallup knows how to aggregate the data for each workgroup in the organization. Gallup will not identify individual responses of anyone at Southern and will only provide Southern group-level data — no names or ID numbers will be shared. 


What happens after the survey?

All managers with a sufficient number of respondents to the survey receive engagement results, which provide a summary of their workgroup and area of the business. Each manager shares the results with his or her team to discuss workplace issues. The manager’s role is to facilitate open discussion among team members about the results and the team’s action planning for improvement.


What if our team does not have enough responses to receive data for our specific workgroup?

If there are not enough participants in the survey for any given workgroup or team, a report for larger, relevant groups will be used to guide discussions. That report will contain responses from the smaller groups to ensure feedback from all participants is included. The report will be shared with the managers so that they can use the information to begin discussions about your workplace as a team.


Will the organization really use the survey results? Can the results help create change?

Leadership will use the results to plan investments in the workplace and to implement changes that better meet the needs of our team members. They will collaborate with team members on how they can help improve the work environment and processes to positively enhance team members’ experiences, their abilities to perform their jobs and deliver greater value to our residents, guests, customers and one another. But we can’t make these changes without first receiving your feedback from the survey.

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