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Southern is here to stay.

We own the properties we manage, and we manage the properties we own. Southern doesn’t buy just to sell and make a quick buck. Even through tumultuous times, we’ve maintained our solid foundation because we know long-term stability provides the most value to our teams, our customers and our business.

Collective Trust

Wake up confident in what the workday will bring, what is expected of you and how you can make a difference. When you do right by Southern, you know Southern will do right by you, and there’s something to be said for that level of mutual trust.

Sustainability for All

As a stable company, we continue to expand. Not only does this make space for current and future team members to grow, but it also strengthens our foundation and ensures long-term sustainability. Southern is here to stay.

Impressive Tenure

Team members remain with Southern for a long time. With a team member turnover rate well below the industry average, we constantly explore new ways to help team members move forward so tenure doesn’t equate to stagnation.

Southern has long-term vision and we don’t flip properties to turn a quick profit. Ours is a strategy of consistent, measured growth that creates a very stable work environment for our teams.


Long-Term Vision

Maintaining our hotels, communities and commercial spaces is vital to the success of our business. We invest in assets that will produce returns in the long run. Our teams arrive to work each day confident in the knowledge that their jobs are waiting for them and that they have the tools they need to be successful.


Stable Decision-Making

Our strong financial foundation allows us to make decisions without fear of short-term financial challenges. We set long- term goals and establish actionable steps to help us achieve them. Team members love that they get to see projects through to the end and observe how their actions impact our business.

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We're here to stay.