The hospitality industry is dynamic, fast-paced, and bustling with activity. Because of this, there are always job openings somewhere! However, hospitality jobs also tend to receive a high number of applications so you want to be sure yours stands out from the rest.

Writing a quality hospitality resume that is both professional and showcases your personality will increase your chances of landing the job you want. Here are five tips for writing a resume tailored to the hospitality industry.

5 Tips for Writing a Resume for a Hospitality Job

1. Don’t Make Your Hospitality Resume Too Long.

Many job applicants make their resume for the hospitality industry too long. If your hospitality resume is anything longer than two pages,  take the time to shorten it. Unless you have a magnificent 20 years of experience with a wide variety of expertise to share, there’s no reason your hospitality resume needs to be any longer than a page.

While working to shorten your resume, review the description for the job you’re applying for. You’ll see the specific areas recruiters are focused on, so you know exactly which job responsibilities and achievements to highlight.

2. Only List Relevant Job Experience.

It might be tempting to list unrelated jobs or experience in an effort to bulk-up your resume. Avoid this. All work experience included in your hospitality resume should relate to the job for which you’re applying. Identify skills and achievements from relevant experience that will help you perform the job you’re applying for. The exception to this rule: anything related to customer service should be included, if possible.

Bold your past job titles and include their locations and the dates you worked them. Include a brief description of your duties, and be sure these skills are applicable to the job you’re applying for.

3. Use Bullet Points To Summarize Your Main Responsibilities.

Bullet points will help ensure your resume remains succinct. Rather than giving a long, detailed, 150-word description of every job you’ve held, simply list the main duties and achievements with bullet points. Not only does this make your resume more concise, it makes it easier for hiring managers to review.

Consider including some words from the job listing to be sure you’re highlighting the most important pieces of information for your recruiter or hiring manager. Anything you learned in the past pertaining to the job listing will also be important skills to include on a resume.

For example, an entry on your resume for the hospitality industry might look something like this:

Front Desk Supervisor

The Residence Inn / February 2017 – Present

  • Supervise team of 10 front desk staff
  • Hire and train new front desk staff
  • Manage market inventory and orders
  • Manage front desk staff scheduling

4. Include Personal Touches.

In the hospitality industry, your skills and achievements aren’t the only items hiring managers are paying attention to. Attitude, personality, and personal interests play a big role in landing a hospitality job, especially for front line staff members. While you want to keep your resume professional and relevant, don’t forget to add personal details to your resume to give a hint at your personality.

This could come in the form of volunteer work, side projects, or even personal skills and interests at the bottom of your resume. You could include a professional headshot of yourself at the top of your resume to help yours stand out from the rest.

5. Be Sure To Edit!

Once complete, it can be tempting to send your resume for the hospitality industry off right away. Don’t!

Step away from the resume for a few hours or a day. Then take a few minutes to re-read what you’ve written, remove any unnecessary words, correct any typos, and make sure your hospitality resume is as polished as it can be.

Looking For A New Job In The Hospitality Industry?

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