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How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Your Apartment

When it comes to throwing a New Year’s Eve party in your apartment, the options for themes and food are limitless — but it’s best to start with a few important details and go from there. Do you love to party it up with big crowds and lots of music? Or are you the type […]

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  • Group Of Friends in apartment Having Fun Playing Charades Together

    How To Maximize Apartment Space While Entertaining Guests

    We’ve all been there. You couldn’t pare down your guest list and now it’s a little too close for comfort. What do you do when you have too many guests and too little space? Regardless of the occasion, it’s helpful to have a game plan in advance. This will help you maximize apartment space long […]

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  • ● first time apartment renter hugging boyfriend

    First-Time Renter’s Guide to Apartment Living

    Renting your first apartment is a huge milestone. You should be proud of yourself for even considering it. There is a lot of freedom and excitement that come along with being a new apartment renter, but if you’re not careful, this enormous step can create additional stress. Moving. Budgeting. Bills. Cleaning. It’s normal to feel […]

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  • woman checking credit score to rent an apartment

    Can I Rent An Apartment With Bad Credit?

    Many landlords consider credit score when determining whether to approve a potential resident.  Because of this, many future residents inquire about the ideal credit score to rent an apartment. Your credit score is viewed as a reflection of the likelihood you will pay your rent on time. A lower credit score can make it a […]

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