Team Member Training Programs

Team member support and training are key to creating a winning organization. That’s why our teams’ personal and professional growth is one of our top priorities. Our innovative, award-winning curriculum enhances individual job performance, team engagement and self-management skills.

Professional Development

Giving our best

Not only do new team members benefit from working closely with seasoned professionals, but as part of our commitment to training, we offer industry-leading programs through our in-house training division. Southern Management also provides educational reimbursement benefits for job-specific courses and required certifications, licenses and training. When we invest in our teams, great things happen.

Innovative Curriculum

Southern Management University

Our educational learning center, Southern Management University, provides a highly acclaimed, innovative curriculum that is recognized industry wide. Southern Management University offers more than 80 classes in professional and team development, compliance, orientation, job-specific technology and skills, wellness and leadership

Trade Skills

Maintenance Training Academy

Our in-house skilled trades curriculum is facilitated through the Maintenance Training Academy and overseen by Southern Management University. Taught by seasoned team members who are experts in their fields, these hands-on classes teach the skills required to succeed in the role of service technician and grow within Southern.

We’ve got everything you need to succeed today and in the future. Here is just a small sample of the courses offered through our Maintenance Training Academy:

  • Basic electric
  • Advanced electric
  • Basic heating
  • Advanced heating
  • CFC exam preparation
  • Advanced air conditioning

Leadership Development Programs

Talent from within

We believe the best way to find great leaders is to help them grow from within Southern, and our two leadership development programs are tailored to that goal.

The Southern Difference Institute is a specialized 10-session program that helps team members refine the skills required to be successful team leaders. Participants learn about emotional intelligence, communication, conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion and much more.

Leadership College guides participants to become collaborative leaders within our company through six months of focused study. After graduating from the Southern Difference Institute, team members can apply for Leadership College, where they’ll learn to lead innovation, oversee our assets and operations, manage change, establish a team culture and more.

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