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Suzanne D. Hillman Named CEO of Southern Management Corporation

Southern Management Corporation is pleased to announce the naming of Suzanne D. Hillman as Chief Executive Officer of Southern Management Corporation, headquartered in Vienna, Virginia. Suzanne was appointed by her husband, David Hillman, as of December 5, 2017. Mr. Hillman was the founder, chairman and immediate past CEO of Southern Management.

In her career spanning three decades, Suzanne has worked with virtually every aspect of Southern’s business, gaining a broad perspective and expertise. Prior to becoming CEO, Suzanne was Southern’s Chief Financial Officer. She also serves as an officer, director and trustee for several of Southern’s affiliates.

“Southern Management has been recognized as an industry leader for more than fifty years,” said Hillman.   “My first and primary goal is to ensure that we are well positioned for continued success and growth for the next fifty years, and beyond.”

In her role as CEO, Suzanne oversees all aspects of growing and maintaining Southern’s extensive real estate portfolio. Suzanne is responsible for investments, developing and implementing the company’s strategic plan and continuing to expand Southern’s presence as one of the largest owner-operators of multi-family real estate in the Country.

Suzanne D. Hillman: A Brief Biography

Suzanne was born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Suzanne graduated from The American University with a B.S.B.A. degree in Accounting and Finance. She is a licensed certified public accountant, and was an owner and partner in Hillman & Glorioso for over 30 years. Through her work at Hillman & Glorioso, a boutique public accounting firm specializing in real estate, Suzanne honed her expertise in business organization, internal controls and structured finance.

During her distinguished career, Suzanne has been an active member of the community, having served on the Board of Directors to First Union Bank and its predecessor State National Bank of Maryland (1982-1989), where she was a member of both the loan and audit committees. Suzanne has also been an active alumni at American University, serving on the Advisor Counsel to Dean Tuttle at the Kogod School of Business (1990-1992) and later on the Board of Directors for American University (1992-2000). Since 2010, Suzanne has served on the Board of Trustees for the University of Maryland College Park Foundation.

In addition to her many philanthropic endeavors, Suzanne founded the Hillman Entrepreneurs program with her husband David. The Hillman Entrepreneurs Program is a scholarship initiative targeted to students who have an interest in entrepreneurship and a desire to start a business or lead a company. The goal is to support and develop ethical leaders who want to give back to their local communities. The program awards scholarships to students at Montgomery College, Prince George’s County Community College and The University of Maryland at College Park.

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