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With over 50 years in the industry, we have lots of insight and experience in apartment living and hospitality in the communities and guests we serve. Find behind the scenes insight, rental property best practices, and apartment life inspiration here.
  • close up of rent due on paper

    What is Prorated Rent?

    If you’re moving into or out of an apartment in the middle of a month, your landlord may offer prorated rent. But you might be asking yourself, “what does prorated rent mean?”  It means you’ll only pay for the days you’re living in the apartment, rather than paying for the entire month.  What is prorated […]

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  • man signing on clipboard

    What is a 60-Day Notice?

    If you’re planning to move out of your apartment, you’ll need to give your landlord advance notice. Not only does this give you time to plan ahead, but it also gives them time to find their next resident and tie up any loose ends from your lease.  Many landlords require that residents provide a 60-day […]

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  • Pipefitter - Plumber

    What is Considered Emergency Maintenance In An Apartment?

    Normal wear and tear is expected when living in an apartment. As a renter, your landlord or property manager is responsible for many common apartment maintenance issues and repairs. However, it can be difficult to determine which maintenance issues constitute an emergency and which do not.  The responsibility of paying for repairs is another common […]

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  • are you covered

    Benefits of Renter’s Insurance

    While you don’t need to insure your apartment as a renter, you’ll still need to cover your personal belongings. This is where renter’s insurance comes in. More and more management companies are recommending—or even requiring—that their residents purchase renter’s insurance.  While it might seem like an unnecessary expense, the benefits of renter’s insurance actually add […]

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