Stay-at-home orders and social distancing have put a damper on friendly get-togethers as well as the dating scene, but your social life doesn’t have to take a hit during this time. With most public places like restaurants, bowling alleys, museums, and movie theaters closed due to coronavirus, people have taken to virtual meetings and long-distance dates as creative ways to keep up with their social lives!

All it takes is a little inspiration to turn virtual meetings into a game night, dinner date, or even comical chat. Whether you’re trying to organize a casual happy hour or coordinate a surprise birthday celebration, check out these ideas for fun and meaningful interactions via video conferencing.

3 Creative Ways To Socialize While Social Distancing

Whether you choose FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Houseparty, or another video conferencing platform, check out these tips and tricks to stay connected despite being physically alone.

Virtual Game Night

Hosting an evening full of virtual games is a great way to get all of your favorite people together at once. Take it a step further and make it a themed night. Tell everyone to have their on-theme zoom backgrounds ready to go, and if they’re overachievers maybe they’ll even plan their outfits with the theme in mind. Choose your favorite sports team, dream destination, or funny throwback picture as your virtual game night theme. Here are a few games to play on video chat to get you started.

  • Card Games: Choose from more than a dozen popular card games with friends using CardzMania. Set up a virtual meeting and invite your friends to play games like euchre, hearts, gin rummy, or president. Or, if it’s adults-only, play Cards Against Humanity online! The popular card game can be played via the Playing Cards platform, with no download necessary. Pick a time, create a “room,” invite your pals, and hop on a video chat for a hilarious time.
  • Jackbox: This platform is the king of virtual games and the place to be for remote fun. It’s easy to set up a virtual game night with their party favorites. Most of their games are on sale, and for under $10 you can buy Quiplash, a battle of wits. Just use your phone or tablet to answer simple prompts — but be prepared to laugh uncontrollably.
  • Trivia Night: QuizUp is one of the more intellectual games to play on video chat. It’s a virtual trivia game you can play against your friends in real-time. With different categories and thousands of topics, this free app is an all-around favorite. It’s available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Online Workouts

Just as socializing with loved ones is important to your mental health, physical activity also plays a vital role in your overall well-being. If you have a gym membership, you might’ve received emails informing you of new at-home workout resources such as live-streamed workout classes or nutrition guides. Or maybe your favorite fitness influencer is sharing videos to help you get your sweat on without the trappings of a well-stocked gym. Regardless of where you’re getting your fitness inspiration, you’re more likely to follow through on your workout regime with a partner.

Plan a virtual workout with a friend or join a class together. Whether you prefer low-intensity workouts that help you wind down or fast-paced HITT workouts that provide an outlet for pent up energy, check out these at-home workouts you can stream with a friend during a virtual meeting.

  • Endurance: Given the impact of COVID-19, Orangetheory is uploading new at-home 30-minute workout routines daily that don’t require any special equipment or membership! If you jump on a video conference with your friend and tune in at the same time, you can both work through the exercises together and laugh when instructors get creative and ask you to grab a water bottle or book instead of weights.
  • Flexibility: If your WFH style is exclusively athleisure, then you’ll feel right at home with this workout. The athletic clothing brand Lululemon is hosting free Instagram Live sessions that feature yoga, do-anywhere workouts, meditation, and self-care tips.
  • Targeted Training: If you and your friend are both trying to work one specific area of the body (like getting a six-pack before summer), then look no further than Fitness Blender. They offer a huge library of workout videos for people of all fitness levels. Select the level of difficulty, class duration, body focus, training type, and what (if any) equipment you have at home.

Long Distance Dates

Even though it might seem easier to spend time alone in your apartment binge-watching your favorite show, it is possible to still get out of your comfort zone by going on virtual dates. Don’t let the fact that you have to communicate via screen ruin the romance! Whether you are in the beginning stages of a relationship or just getting the courage to ask someone out during quarantine, it is possible to set up a very thoughtful long distance date night virtually.

Here are a couple of ideas for creating an unforgettable virtual date:

  • Dinner delivery. Food delivery apps like UberEats or GrubHub are a great way to surprise your date while supporting local restaurants. Kick it up a notch by using Zoom backgrounds of beautiful landscapes. Or if humor is more of your thing then use popular memes.
  • Netflix, without the chill. Although you might not be able to get cozy on the couch with your long-distance date, it is possible to still catch a show together with “Netflix Party.” This is an extension that lets multiple Netflix users watch a show together from different locations. How fun!
  • The great bake-off! If you really want to get creative, find a simple dessert recipe online like these treats that are five ingredients or less. Challenge your date to a bake-off. You can both video conference from your kitchen. Whoever’s treat comes out best wins!
  • Creative “travel.” While you can’t get in a car or on a plane to travel right now, you can still take your date to visit a new place. Take long-distance dates to a new level with a virtual tour of the Vatican or the Louvre. Plenty of museums, zoos, and theme parks are offering virtual tours right now. What a great opportunity to travel somewhere you may not otherwise get to visit.

Stay Connected Virtually At Southern Management

Life doesn’t pause just because of a global pandemic. While maintaining personal and public health is everyone’s number one priority, it’s also important to maintain social interaction virtually to avoid feelings of isolation.

Whether you choose to kindle a new romance with a long-distance date or play virtual games with your friends, we’re here to provide ways to stay alone together. At Southern Management, we’re doing everything we can to ensure our current and prospective residents stay safe. Check out our guide that details how to practice social distancing while moving during this time.

Additionally, if your lease is up soon and you’re thinking of moving into one of our 75 apartment communities, we invite you to tour our communities virtually! Our doors might be closed, but we’re still here to help. Contact our team for a phone consultation or to learn more about our online application process.