When it comes to throwing a New Year’s Eve party in your apartment, the options for themes and food are limitless — but it’s best to start with a few important details and go from there.

Do you love to party it up with big crowds and lots of music? Or are you the type who prefers a quiet night with a few close friends? Perhaps you like something right in the middle that allows everyone to have a great time but keeps you from having to apologize to your neighbors the next day.

Regardless of your style, you want to make sure you don’t violate your lease or alienate your neighbors when throwing a New Year’s Eve party. Here’s how you can accomplish exactly that!

How to Throw a New Year’s Eve Party In Your Apartment

Throwing a New Year’s Eve party takes a little bit of planning, so start early! Begin by thinking of what kind of party you want to throw, who to invite, and how to keep everyone entertained. Beyond those primary decisions, however, try these tips when partying in your apartment for New Year’s Eve:

1.    Give your neighbors a heads up.

Keep in mind that sound travels! Not everyone living around you is up for a loud, late party. And yes, they can all hear you.

Be considerate of them! Let them know you’re hosting a party, consider inviting them if you’re friends with your apartment neighbors, and try not to take away from their own festive NYE experience. Not only will they appreciate you for being considerate, but you’ll be less likely to receive noise complaints during or after the party.

2.    Get your apartment ready.

There’s an art to maximizing the space of a small apartment. Think about where the food and beverages will be, where people will sit, where the games will be played, and so on. Be sure that your apartment is neat and has space available.

Think like a guest. What will they need? Stock your bathroom with extra rolls of TP, soap, and hand towels at the very least. If you want to go the extra mile, leave out mouthwash, a hairbrush, hand lotion, etc. Clear your coat closet so that you’ve got plenty of space for guests to stash their jackets and purses. For ease of social media posting, write down your wi-fi password and display it prominently. These little touches will go a long way to make for a great experience.

For your sanity, you might consider removing any breakable treasures that could accidentally get knocked over or stepped on during the height of your party. You don’t want anyone using your laptop as a coaster, so be sure to put valuables away.

3.    Be sure your guests get home safe or prepare a space for them to crash.

If you’re planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve with alcohol, take the extra step to make sure your guests get home safely. This might mean identifying designated drivers ahead of time or keeping the number for a cab company handy. Or maybe help guests organize themselves into groups to split the cost of a ride share, which will probably be more expensive than usual.

The other option is to have extra blankets, pillows, a pull-out couch, air mattress, etc. for people to crash. Whatever you decide, make sure to communicate it to your guests before the party. Under no circumstances should anyone ever drink and drive.

4.    Supply the champagne!

Hosts typically supply the traditional New Year’s Eve drink: champagne. Make sure there’s enough to go around, so when the clock strikes midnight everyone can celebrate together. That being said, you don’t need to be responsible for all of the alcoholic drinks. Feel free to tell your guests to BYOB. This ensures everyone gets what they want, and it cuts down on the overall party cost for you. If you’re hoping for a mostly booze-free night, then just be sure you have water, sodas, and maybe punch on hand.

5.    Plan out the night.

Decide just how long you want your party to last, and work backward from there. You can expect guests to stay until at least 12:30 AM. If you’re hoping for a three-hour event, open your doors at 9:30 PM. If you’re cool hosting for longer, start the party earlier.

Decide ahead of time what activities you want your guests to enjoy while at your apartment for New Year’s Eve. Have games on hand, playlists prepared, and food ready at least a half hour before the party starts. This will keep you from running around like a chicken with your head cut off as guests arrive.

6.    Enjoy yourself!

Don’t forget that the whole point of throwing a New Year’s Eve party is to have fun. So plan activities you love, invite people you like, and celebrate your year! Just relax and enjoy! You’ll be able to give your apartment a thorough cleaning on the first.

Ring In The New Year In Your New Apartment

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