With COVID-19 vaccinations underway and domestic travel slowly starting to pick up again, people are anxious to reunite with vaccinated family and friends for a day, a weekend or even longer.

Having friends or family stay over can be fun, but for studio and one-bedroom apartment dwellers, hosting guests without a guest room can also be challenging.

But with a little extra effort and a few tips on creative sleeping arrangements for guests, you can make the experience comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Read on for some of our favorite no guest room solutions for hosting overnight guests.

  • Tidy Up – The first step to prepare for hosting overnight guests is a good declutter session and thorough cleaning, especially in the living room and bathroom you’ll be sharing with your guests. Throw away any junk mail or old magazines, put away any shoes, clothes or other items that don’t need to be out, wipe down all surfaces and give it all a once over with the vacuum.
  • Clear Some Room — This might be a good time to rearrange any furniture up against a wall or all to one side of the living room to make more space not just for entertaining and sleeping but also for your guests’ luggage. A coffee table, bench or ottoman could make a passable luggage rack, if needed. Make sure there are a few empty hangers in the nearest closet for clothes and some extra space in the bathroom for your guests’ toiletries and products.
  • Makeshift Bed – If it’s one person or a close friend, they might be fine crashing on the couch, but most guests appreciate some sort of bed. Air mattresses are a great alternative to the real thing. Invest in one with extra cushions and make sure it’s completely inflated for maximum comfort. Position the air mattress up against the sofa so your guests have a makeshift headboard. Whether they are sleeping on a couch or on an air mattress, be sure to include clean sheets, a few cozy blankets and pillows to help your guest sleep soundly.
  • Make it Sleep-Friendly – While your houseguests may not be staying in a luxury hotel, a few thoughtful touches can make the experience more comfortable. Position the air mattress or couch near a light source like a lamp or light switch so your guests can easily reach over and turn them on or off. Use blockout curtains on your windows (even temporary ones) and offer your overnight guest a white nose machine, a fan, eye mask and ear plugs to help them sleep easier in an unfamiliar setting. For additional privacy, consider investing in a folding screen or temporary room divider that can be put away during the day.
  • Stock the Bathroom – Go beyond creative sleeping arrangements for guests and give them the five-star treatment by making sure they have everything they might need for an overnight stay, including travel-sized toiletries, an extra toothbrush, clean and folded towels and washcloths, maybe even a bathrobe or slippers.
  • Buy Food and Snacks – While you might be eating out for most of your meals, make sure you have some quick and easy snacks and meals on hand. Stock up on pre-made or quick breakfast items like yogurt and granola, bagels and cream cheese, or pastries and fruit. Keep the fridge full with a variety of drink options and make sure you have tea or coffee easily available for the mornings.
  • Give up Your Room – If you are hosting a couple or older members of your family, or if you have a dramatically different schedule than your guests, consider making the ultimate good host move and offer them your bed. You should be okay sleeping on your own couch for a night or two in exchange for your guests’ comfort.

Hosting Guests Without a Guest Room? Southern Management Can Help

If you love hosting friends and family, we’ve got the perfect no guest room solutions for you. These creative sleeping arrangements and ideas for creating privacy in a small space will ensure that everyone is comfortable and spending time together again, no matter how small your apartment is.

With over 25,000 apartments across the Maryland and Virginia area, Southern Management has all the space you need for hosting guests without a guest room. For the ultimate in no guest room solutions, consider one of our communities that have guest suites. For example, The Apartments at Charles Plaza and Horizon House in Baltimore, and Parliaments in Annandale, offer on-site accommodations for out-of-town guests, ensuring more time together and less time driving to and from a hotel.

Let’s chat! We would love to tell you about the Southern Management difference and answer your leasing questions or set up a time for you to tour one of our communities.