It’s finally the season of turkey, pumpkin pie, football, and family! If you have lots of loved ones to celebrate with, but not a lot of space to celebrate in, never fear. When hosting Thanksgiving in a small house or small apartment, creativity is all you need to fit everyone and everything you want.

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, keep the event from turning into a stress fest by planning in advance. Prepare a strategy ahead of time so when the day arrives all you have left to do is relax and enjoy!

Thanksgiving Solutions For Small Spaces

Here are seven tricks that make hosting Thanksgiving in small spaces a little easier.

  1. Prepare the majority of food the day before. Figure out what can be put together the day before, and what needs to be made the day of. More prep work in advance means less work (and less stress!) on Thanksgiving Day. This will also minimize bodies in the kitchen, which helps keep your small space from feeling cramped and hectic.
  2. Expand your dining table. Fitting all of your friends and family at a table in your small apartment can be tricky. Try putting several small tables together to create one long one. If possible, make sure they are all the same height and width. Then toss a tablecloth over all of them, and nobody will know the difference! If you don’t have smaller tables on deck, take this opportunity to invest in a few folding tables and chairs that can be easily stored once the holiday is over. If your space is so limited that it doesn’t allow for even a makeshift dining table, that’s cool too. Some people can eat at the table, some on the sofa, maybe even some on the floor. Trust us, where your guests eat is much less important than what they eat and with whom they get to spend their holiday.
  3. Rearrange furniture. The dining room isn’t the only space to consider. Even if you fit everyone at the table, your guests will likely lounge and mingle after the meal. Try to balance space for your guests to move with seating to accommodate everyone. This can be accomplished by temporarily removing furniture that won’t be used and shifting couches and chairs to the perimeter of the room.
  4. Equip your fridge. Thoroughly clean your refrigerator before you begin cooking and storing. Throw out any expired food and anything you know you’ll never eat, drink or use again. Ideally, your fridge will be almost empty as you begin to prep your food. This allows for plenty of room to store everything ahead of time. Plus, one of the perks of hosting means you’ll have leftovers to keep, too!
  5. Serve creatively. By reducing the number of serving dishes used, you’ll increase table space and save yourself time when it comes to clean up. You may want to invest in large pitchers, serving bowls, spoons, etc. For a less formal Thanksgiving meal, set food up on one table, buffet style, and let everyone serve themselves. This is also a great idea if you have to go with a non-traditional seating situation.
  6. Clean! We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but typically hosting also means cleaning for your guests. The good news is that a clean apartment always feels more spacious and inviting than a dirty one. De-crumb counters, wipe down bathrooms, vacuum, and dust to prepare your home for your Thanksgiving meal.
  7. Declutter your small apartment. This isn’t just for aesthetics. Not only is clutter unappealing to the eye, but it takes up precious real estate that could be used for a serving platter or a few bottles of wine. One of the simplest Thanksgiving solutions for small spaces is to clear your surfaces of unnecessary items. Leave out just enough décor to keep your apartment feeling cozy and festive, and store the rest. You can bring it all back out the next day!

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