When you rent an apartment, what do you pay for? Many people have the misconception that they’ll only need to pay rent when living in an apartment, but there are a number of other apartment expenses and bills to keep in mind. 

Therefore, it’s important to figure out which bills you’ll have to pay and approximately how much they’ll cost before you sign on the dotted line. This will help you put together a monthly budget and avoid unexpected financial surprises. 

What Bills Do You Pay When Renting an Apartment? 

In most cases, you’ll need to pay utility bills when renting an apartment. These could include bills for electricity, gas, water and trash service. The specific utility bills you’ll pay will depend on where you live and what services are offered. 

Other common apartment bills to consider are internet bills, bills and apartment amenity fees. Some apartments now include Wi-Fi as an amenity, but most don’t, so you’ll have to set it up and pay for it yourself. 

Do You Have to Pay Utilities in an Apartment? 

This depends entirely on the specific terms of your lease. In most cases, the landlord or property management company does not include the cost of your utility bills in your rent. Be sure to check before signing the lease, so you’re on the same page about utility payments. At Southern Management, our residents pay their own utility bills. 

How Much Do Bills Cost in an Apartment?

The average total utility cost in the Washington, D.C. area is $246 per month. The exact cost of utility bills depends on your location and usage. For example, if you live in a cold area and use your heater frequently, your gas bill may be higher than someone who lives in a warm climate. Some apartment bills have a fixed monthly utility price, while others vary from month to month. 

What’s Included in a Utility Bill? 

Most utilities are billed individually, rather than as part of a package deal. For example, you may have to pay your electricity, gas and water bills to three separate companies. You’ll need to research how utilities are managed in your city and which providers are available. 

Other Common Apartment Expenses

It’s not just bills you’ll need to worry about when living in an apartment — there are other expenses you’ll need to keep in mind. When you first move in, you’ll have to purchase furniture. Costs for furniture will vary widely depending on where you purchase your items. You can save money by thrifting your furniture, or you could splurge and get designer pieces. 

There are also recurring expenses to think about, such as groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies. The average monthly grocery bill in Washington, D.C. is $475 per month, but there are ways to cook more affordably if you need to save money. 

Clear Billing at Southern Management

Understanding how much bills cost in an apartment and what you’ll need to pay for is a crucial part of moving. Have a conversation with your landlord ahead of time so you understand what to expect.

At Southern Management, we have a large portfolio of rental communities throughout the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metro areas. Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or looking for a family-friendly community, we can’t wait to welcome you home. Contact us today to learn more about our available rentals.