Apartments and the buildings that house them come in all shapes, sizes, and floor plans.

Apartment building styles can vary quite a bit depending on where the building is located. We’ve all seen busy city blocks lined with high-rise apartment buildings, even if just in TV shows and movies. Meanwhile, in the suburbs, it’s common to see garden-style apartments and townhome communities that blend seamlessly into the surrounding single-family homes.

Deciding which style building you’d like to live in is often dictated by your desired location, size needs, personal preference, and even your lifestyle.

What is a High-Rise Apartment?

A high-rise apartment building is more commonly found in urban or city areas where horizontal space is limited. A high-rise apartment building typically has at least twelve floors, which means residents use an elevator to get to and from their apartments. High-rise apartment buildings will have hundreds of residents and often a slew of amenities and events aimed at bringing people together.


  • Great views, especially on the higher floors.
  • Parking (if available) is usually indoor or covered, which is a major perk in the winter.
  • Top-notch amenities including pools, a fitness center, gathering areas, a lobby, and sometimes a 24-hour doorman or front desk attendant.
  • Street and traffic noise is less likely the higher you get.


  • More communal or shared spaces, including elevators, hallways, stairwells, mail rooms, and trash and recycling areas.
  • Getting to and from your car takes more time if you have to wait for an elevator and navigate a parking garage.
  • Limited personal outdoor space. If you have a balcony, consider yourself lucky and make the most of it.

What is a Mid-Rise Apartment?

A mid-rise apartment community can often be found in both cities and suburbs. A mid-rise apartment building is shorter than a high-rise, made up of anywhere from five to 12 floors. This means they probably have an elevator and include amenities such as swimming pools and community rooms.


  • Mid-rise apartments usually offer more amenities than garden-style apartments.
  • Less walking than a garden-style apartment and less elevator waiting time than a high-rise.
  • More privacy than a crowded high-rise.
  • Many mid-rise apartments offer more personal outdoor space than high rises. Picture a patio or a large balcony where you can host family and friends. (Just remember: no barbecue grills allowed)


  • Depending on location, noise from streets and traffic can be disturbing.
  • Some shared communal spaces and less privacy, for example, mid-rises might have a communal laundry area instead of an in-unit washer and dryer.
  • Difficulty getting packages delivered, especially if there is no dedicated lobby or doorman.

What is a Garden-Style Apartment?

A garden-style apartment community (also sometimes called a low-rise apartment community) is comprised of several smaller buildings – typically four floors or fewer – located on a large property. Garden-style apartments are most commonly found in suburban or rural areas, either in established residential communities, or in close proximity to main thoroughfares.

One of the main draws of a garden-style apartment community is the green space with lots of trees, bushes, shrubs, and maybe even playgrounds. Garden-style communities often have ample outdoor space, providing an easy way to get your exercise and a place for kids to play.


  • Smaller buildings with fewer residents.
  • More living space at a lower price point than a high-rise.
  • Pet-friendly options are prevalent.
  • Closer to parking areas, which are usually just outside the apartment unit.
  • Easy access to the outdoors.


  • No elevator. If you live on the top floor or have a lot of items to carry, you’ll have to navigate the stairs.
  • Many garden-style apartment communities offer fewer amenities than high-rise or mid-rise buildings.
  • Outdoor parking is the standard in garden or low-rise apartment buildings, which can be difficult during inclement weather.

At Southern Management, We Have All the Building Styles

Whether you prefer the bustling energy of a high-rise apartment building in the city, the tranquil setting of a low-rise apartment or garden-style apartment building, or the blend of both in a mid-rise apartment, Southern Management has it all.

With 75 apartment communities and more than 25,000 apartment homes, Southern Management can help you find the right place to call home. Take a virtual tour and contact us to discuss availability, pricing, and lease options today!