Apartments come in all shapes, sizes and floor plans, and determining the right size for you depends on a number of factors. When deciding what size apartment you should get, you’ll need to consider how you’ll  use the space, your monthly budget, the apartment layout and features, how many people (or pets) will be living with you, and even how much furniture you have.

This apartment size guide will break down the pros and cons of different sized apartments, and give recommendations for various scenarios.

Finding the Right Size Apartment

The most common apartment sizes are studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and sometimes 3-bedroom apartments. You’ll also occasionally come across some configurations that include dens, (usually described as 1- or 2-bedroom “plus den”) or multi-level townhomes.

Generally, the more rooms you have, the more square footage you can expect. A studio apartment might be anywhere from 350 to 600 square feet, a 1-bedroom is usually between 550 and 1,000 square feet, a 2-bedroom is about 1,000 square feet and up, and a 3-bedroom will be approximately 1,200 square feet and up.

Apartment Size Guide

Studio apartments typically have just enough space to accommodate a bed, compact living and dining room furniture, a television, and a desk. You can also expect a bathroom, a small kitchen area, and a closet or two. Some studios may even have a balcony or patio. The appeal of a studio apartment is minimal living on a budget, which makes it a great choice for a first-time renter, student, or someone living on their own. A studio might also work for couples who don’t need a ton of separate space. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering a studio is that you won’t have an enclose space to sleep. For that reason, creating or purchasing a wall divider is critical for separating your bedroom from your living space.

One-bedroom apartments should have all the features of a studio plus a separate bedroom. It is the perfect option for renters who want to keep their living space separate from their bedroom.

Two-bedroom apartments give individuals and couples the option to have an extra bedroom for a guest room, an office, or a hobby room. It can also accommodate additional residents, including older parents, children, or a roommate.

Three-bedroom apartments are large enough to accommodate a family of six or up to three roommates, especially if the apartment has multiple bathrooms. In some cases, a 3-bedroom apartment will be found in a townhome or duplex community, which contains a second level or loft area and larger living space on the main level.

Studio vs. 1 Bedroom

There are several factors to consider when comparing a studio vs. 1 bedroom. If you’re renting alone, you may think a small studio will suit you just fine. After all, you just need space for yourself and your belongings, right? But what if you like to entertain and have guests over? What if you frequently have family visit from out of town? Where will they sleep? Suddenly, having an extra bedroom might sound pretty convenient.

Or, if you’re working from home–like most of us these days—you might appreciate having a room you can use as an office or as a home gym. So, if your budget (including rent and utilities) allows it, a 1-bedroom apartment will provide flexibility to grow into the space as your living situation changes.

What Size Apartment Should I Get?

Here are several tips to help you determine what size apartment you need:

  • Start with the basics: Regardless of the square footage, first make sure the apartment has the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need. If you’re living with a significant other or roommate(s), have an open, honest conversation about what basic layout will make you most comfortable in your own space.
  • Consider how you’ll use the space: If you’ve got a lot of clothes or other items that need to be stored, keep an eye on closet space. If you have a four-poster, king-sized bed you can’t bear to part with, you might want to skip the studio options. If you plan to use your existing furniture, make sure it fits before signing a lease. Use a free online layout planner like Room Styler or Plan Your Room to map it out. Or, consider a furnished apartment option.
  • Take a virtual tour: Thanks to technology, you can view apartments from the comfort of your couch. Not only will a virtual tour give you an idea of the layout and features inside an apartment, but you can also view the floor plan to get a good grasp on room dimensions, no tape measure required.
  • Weigh the pros and cons: Take into account all the factors that are important to you, including square footage, monthly rent, community features or amenities. Maybe a studio apartment is a fine option if there are other community conveniences like a laundry room on each floor, a free business center, or an onsite fitness center.
  • Stick to your budget: The bigger the apartment, the bigger your utility bills, including heating and cooling (if it’s not included in the rent). You also need to consider what you can afford if your circumstances change. For example, if a roommate or partner moves out will you be able to afford the place on your own? Bottom line – It’s important to choose an apartment you can afford, regardless of size.

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