Whether you’re looking for a place to crash while interning for the summer or trying to find a spot close to loved ones after a curveball in life, short-term lease apartments are the answer to your housing question.

An extended-stay hotel can get expensive quickly, and staying in hotel-alternative rentals with unprofessional hosts can be frustrating. If you’re wondering how to find short-term lease apartments, then you came to the right place!

What Is A Short-Term Lease?

A short-term lease is a contractual rental agreement that typically refers to a period of fewer than twelve months. Individuals enter a short-term lease for two main reasons. The first is that they have a predetermined time-frame they will need temporary housing. The second is that they are unsure how long they’ll need a place, so they don’t want to enter into a 12-month contract.

What Is A Month-To-Month Lease?

A month-to-month lease is a rental agreement with no long-term contractual obligation. The month-to-month lease is a one-month period for which the resident agrees to pay rent and occupy the apartment home. Month-to-month leases are usually renewed automatically each month until a notice to vacate is given.

How To Find A Short-Term Lease Apartment

So, if you’re wondering how to find six-month lease apartments, for example, start by researching online. You’ll be able to read about different property management companies’ satisfaction guarantees (or lack thereof!) and read reviews from other people who have also been in need of a short-term lease.

If you’re staying in a city for a short, definite time period and need to know how to find a short-term lease apartment, follow these tips to make sure you find the perfect place to call your temporary home.

  • Determine your budget. Typically, the shorter the lease, the more expensive it is per month. Before starting your search for a short-term lease apartment, map out what you can afford each month and estimate how long you might need your short-term lease for.
  • Consider the different short-term lease options. Many apartment communities offer three, six, or nine-month apartment leases. If you have an idea of how long you’ll need your lease for, pick the lease duration best suited to your plans.
  • Choose an apartment community in your desired location. Whether you’re in a location for a temporary work assignment, school semester, internship or family emergency, you want to make sure that you’re picking a housing option that’s most convenient to where you’ll be commuting.
  • Opt for a furnished apartment to save on moving fees. Moving your belongings is expensive, and if you’re going to be in the area for a short time, then it might not be worth the hassle. Many apartment communities offer furnished units, so you won’t have to choose between eating dinner on the floor and hiring an expensive moving company just to have a dining room table for 90 days!
  • Accessibility to necessities. As you research how to find short-term lease apartments, you’ll also need to research what’s around your temporary home as well. Staying in an unfamiliar location for a short amount of time doesn’t give you much time to sightsee or get the lay of the land. Make sure your new apartment community offers easy access to public transportation or has nearby grocery stores and dining options.

What Is FlexRent?

What makes Southern Management different from other property management companies is the uncompromising commitment to service and effort to make every accommodation in order to suit our residents’ needs.

Southern Management offers FlexRent, the flexibility that allows residents the option to select the lease term right for them.

With Southern Management, there’s no added fees or penalties. Unlike other property management companies, the Southern Management team won’t pressure residents to renew their lease or force them to opt into the auto-renew feature.

Individuals looking for a short-term lease can sign a lease for a duration of three, six, or nine months if unsure of future plans.

Southern Management also offers all-inclusive rent, so residents always receive top-notch service and never feel nickel and dimed for amenities. Our rent includes a complete list of must-have apartment amenities such as access to the apartment communities’ fitness centers and pools, clubhouses and business centers, common area Wi-Fi, and trash removal.

Sign A Short-Term Lease With Southern Management And See Why You Should Stay Long-Term

Figuring out how to find a place to rent is hard enough. Asking a property management company, “Can I get a short-term lease for an apartment?” is usually even more logistically complex — but not at Southern Management!

The most important factor in finding a short-term lease is the property management company you choose to partner with. With over 75 apartment communities offering short-term leases in Maryland and Virginia, Southern Management is the most trustworthy property management company in the region.

If you want your search for a short-term apartment lease to go smoothly — start with Southern Management’s communities. Each community will clearly lay out what duration of short-term leases it offers.

Once you understand our commitment to resident care, you’ll see why residents who sign a short-term lease at Southern Management end up signing on longer!

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