Calling all Halloween fanatics!

What better way to get in the Halloween spirit than with Halloween apartment decor? Deck out your bedroom, living room, doors and balcony with eerie embellishments that will make every day of October feel like the 31st.

Halloween Apartment Decorating Ideas

Decorating your apartment for Halloween can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Whether you want elaborate decorations that stop guests in their tracks, or cute inexpensive décor to enliven the room, you can find options to suit your fancy almost anywhere. Visit big-box stores, pharmacies, even local thrift shops for spooky ideas that will spark your creativity!

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Hang witches’ hats from the ceiling. Using a needle and transparent string or fishing line, pop the string through the top of the hat and hang it from the ceiling with a command strip. This is a super easy way to make a big impact!
  • Put large Halloween themed stickers on your window. Get creative with stickers that can face either in or out. You may opt for cute stickers, like ghosts or owls, or you could startle pedestrians with scary stickers, such as hands clawing at the window.
  • Cover your table with a macabre tablecloth. Spice up your dining experience by switching out your regular tablecloth for one with a Halloween theme. Take it up a notch by adding a set of antique candlesticks from your local second-hand store.
  • Adorn your plants with spiders and webs. Stretch cotton batting across your foliage to give it an eerie look. Arrange some fake spiders in the “web” and you’re set!
  • Place some pumpkins. Some of the best Halloween apartment decor is the simplest! Nothing screams Halloween quite like pumpkins. A few small pumpkins placed in a bowl make a lovely centerpiece. Pumpkins come in a variety of colors, so think outside the box. Maybe choose a few white pumpkins that can transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving right along with you.

Apartment Door Halloween Decorations

Front door, doors to bedrooms or bathrooms, even pantry doors can be used. Regardless of which you choose to adorn, you can create Halloween ambiance that follows you from room to room.

  • Put caution tape on your door. And don’t be bashful! Crisscross the caution tape from the top of your door to the bottom. Throw an “Enter If You Dare” or “Beware” sign on top as a warning to all.
  • Hang skeletons next to your door. Put up life-size plastic skeletons on either side of your doors for a spooky Halloween feel.
  • Mount broomsticks. Hang a few sleek broomsticks on your door for a witchy feel when you enter.
  • Make morgue drawers. Get crafty and split your door into three sections, making each look like a drawer for the dead. Just make sure that you use removable materials that won’t damage your door and cost you your security deposit.

Apartment Balcony Halloween Decorations

Unpredictable weather can make decorating exteriors a little trickier than interiors. Consider these Halloween balcony decor ideas.

  • Hang twinkly lights across the perimeter of your balcony. String black and orange lights any way you like to put a Halloween spin on a balcony decor classic.
  • Position fake skeletons on your balcony. Talk about a “boo” factor! Position skeletons sitting in chairs, leaning against walls, or maybe even laying down looking out at passersby.
  • Place jack-o-lanterns out front. Show off your carved pumpkins by placing battery-operated candles inside and lighting up your balcony. This is especially great if your balcony faces the front of the building and your neighbors can admire your creativity, too.
  • Dangle fake bats from the ceiling. If you’re lucky enough to have a covered balcony, hang up a few fake bats that can sway in the wind. Bonus points if they have battery powered lights that make them even creepier at night.
  • Set out fake severed limbs. Purchase a bunch of (fake, please!) severed limbs — or even heads — and place them on the edge of your balcony for a scary feel.
  • Hang Halloween banners. If you prefer endearing decor, find or DIY cute banners to hang on your balcony. Simple sayings like “TRICK-OR-TREAT” or “BOO!” are the perfect touch of Halloween.

Decorate Your Dream Apartment

Decorating an apartment for Halloween is fun — decorating an apartment you love is better.

If you’re thinking of moving, check out apartment communities throughout Baltimore and the DC area. With the ability to rent a fully furnished apartment, the only decorating you’ll be tasked with is the fun kind!

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