A small space doesn’t mean small ideas! Unlike a traditional apartment with multiple designated spaces, a studio presents unique design opportunities because of the self-contained floor plan. By definition, a studio apartment consists of a single room plus a bathroom. The single room of the apartment must function as the kitchen, living room and bedroom — which can be daunting for individuals with a lot of furniture. But don’t be nervous!

Whether you’re moving into a studio apartment for the first time or simply switching from one apartment community studio to another, one thing’s for sure — it’s crucial to maximize space! The small footprint of a studio apartment creates infinite opportunities to get creative. There are a few tricks to create a studio layout that’s compatible with your needs, belongings, and lifestyle.

Benefits of Tiny Studio Apartments

There are several benefits to renting a studio apartment. Not only are these units more affordable than your typical one- or two-bedrooms, but they require fewer furnishing! This is huge if you’re renting an apartment for the first time because you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make your new space feel like home.

Another unexpected benefit of a studio apartment is that minimal cleaning is required. There are fewer surfaces to wipe down and fewer nooks and crannies to vacuum. In addition, when space is limited, you only have room for what matters! You’ll be less likely to accumulate junk in your drawers or clutter on your countertops if that space is essential for other items. Try out creative organization tips to create a functional studio apartment and make sure every item in your home has a purpose and place!

6 Ways to Create a Functional Studio Apartment Layout

1. Choose a Daybed or Futon

If you’re short on space in your studio layout, then you want to make sure each piece of furniture is functional. Consider getting a bed that can double as a couch during the day such as a daybed or futon. This decorative hack creates extra seating options when entertaining guests in your apartment and a more functional living space for you.

Alternately, you can place the bed you already have against the wall and add large throw pillows. This will create couch-like seating similar to what a daybed would provide. Small studio furniture layouts can make or break your tiny studio’s functionality — so make the most of your choices!

2. Install Shelving

A tiny studio apartment provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with unique shelving. Not only are stylish shelving options available in different sizes, shapes, and designs, but you can use them to decorate plain walls while creating additional storage space. Custom wood or modern shelving can be added to your kitchen for a space to hold spices and cookbooks. Or you can use them in the living space to create beautiful homes for low-maintenance plants, candles, or other cozy items.

Shelving is a wonderful way to get more space out of your apartment, especially if you don’t have the floor space to spare. Just make sure that your decorating choices don’t cost you your security deposit!

3. Define Spaces with Curtains

The large area of a studio layout provides numerous opportunities to divide up and define your space. One simple, no-fuss way of distinguishing your bedroom or living room from the rest of your studio space is to find curtains you love and hang them from the ceiling. You can easily create a private sleeping area or a more precise workspace in your studio quickly and inexpensively.

4. Add Bookshelves

If you don’t want to install curtains, consider adding bookshelves to break up the space and define different “rooms.” Tiny studio apartments tend to be open, but you can easily separate one space from another with a tall bookshelf styled to your liking. Bonus: extra storage space!

5. Use Your Corners

When it comes to small studio layouts, corners are king! Take advantage of these often unused spaces. Anyone can create an efficient, charming corner with a few bucks and some creativity. Reading nooks, corner sofas or bookshelves, side tables, lamps, etc. are wonderful ways to make use of corner spaces.

6. Double Up!

In a small space, everything you add needs to have a purpose— ideally, most items will be versatile enough to use in a variety of ways. For example, don’t settle for an average bed. Find one with storage space to fit your linens, extra clothes, or holiday decor. Rather than going for a coffee table and a dining table, choose one table that can cover both. Don’t bother filling your kitchen with a thousand different knives and pots and pans. Invest in just a few good, solid items that serve multiple purposes.

Choose A Chic, Studio Apartment At Southern Management

Functional studio apartments aren’t simply smaller versions of a one-bedroom apartment. They’re an opportunity to save money and create a home that’s uniquely your own. If one of our apartment communities catches your eye, attend one of our open house events to take a tour of our studio layouts.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to tell you about what makes Southern Management stand out from others and discuss availability, pricing, and short-term studio apartment leases. Contact us today!