A home office is valuable whether you work from home full time or just need a space dedicated to composing emails and paying bills. Designating a spot in your apartment for your work can boost overall focus and efficiency. Setting up a small apartment office might seem difficult with limited space, but it’s entirely doable!

Here are five simple tips to help you create an apartment home office.

5 Tips For The Perfect Small Apartment Office

Creating the perfect home office in your apartment doesn’t take as much space or effort as you might think. You simply have to meet a few basic requirements for improved work-life balance and a more productive workspace. You absolutely can have a beautiful home office in a one-bedroom apartment, if that’s all the space you have. If you have more space, even better. Just keep the essentials in mind either way.

1. Invest in a quality chair.

When creating a workspace in your apartment, consider the place you’ll be sitting. You want to be comfortable and you also need proper lumbar support, especially if you’ll be sitting for extended periods of time. Don’t settle for any cheap chair you see, but also avoid choosing style over comfort.

Actually sit-test some chairs during your search. Look for chairs that are comfortable, supportive, and padded. This will allow you to sit for longer periods of time, boosting productivity. If you are someone who gets up from your chair often, you might invest in one that swivels for easier maneuvering from behind your desk.

Also, make sure your feet are able to rest flat on the floor so as not to cause extra strain on your back. If you’re living with a significant other who will also be using the space, consider a chair that can be adjusted for height. That way, everyone’s back is protected!

2. Good lighting is key.

The difference good lighting can make is amazing. You’ll avoid eye strain, experience improved mood, and maybe even feel more energized by properly lighting your workspace in your apartment. That might mean investing in a desk lamp you can adjust to direct light exactly where you need it. Or you might need even more light, such as a floor lamp, to brighten up your entire room.

Whatever the case, be sure your apartment home office is illuminated. You can always turn lights down or off if things get too bright. Furnishing your home appropriately is essential for a functional apartment lifestyle.

3. Choose the right desk.

Before you choose a desk, think about the type of work you’ll be conducting in your apartment home office. If you’ll be working with a lot of paper, you will need space to spread out and a place to file the papers away. If your work entails drawing, writing, or any other type of creation, you’ll need a large enough surface to do so.  If you only need a place for your laptop, consider a smaller desk that won’t overwhelm the room.

A desk that comes with additional organization space (such as file drawers, cubbies, etc.) can help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness.  Also, make sure your desk and chair height are complimentary. Ideally, your elbows will be at a 90-degree angle while working on a computer, which allows your wrists to remain straight.

4. Use the right tools.

While you may be used to working with that slow computer, leaky pen, or jammed stapler, you probably aren’t being as productive as possible with them around.  When you want to up your productivity make sure you’re using tools that actually work as intended. It’s true that you get what you pay for, so try not to skimp when purchasing items to make your small apartment office perfect.

If you need a filing cabinet to keep your space organized, get one. If you need a better printer, see if your company will let you upgrade. If you avoid cutting corners when it comes to your apartment home office you’ll be more likely to create a space you love to work in.

Stocking up on all the right supplies will also save you time in the long run. If everything you need is close by, you won’t have to spend time searching or purchasing.

5. Choose an apartment with a business center!

Working from home can often get tedious or boring. Or maybe you don’t have the time or money to set up your dream small apartment office quite yet. You may not even want a home office in a one-bedroom apartment. If this is the case, choose an apartment community with a business center. This is a great way to get out of your apartment, use the amenities, and enjoy an office space that’s already available.

Check out the breathtaking business center at The Apartments at Charles Plaza or increase your productivity in the community center after walking your dog at pet-friendly Kings Gardens. Regardless of which city you choose to reside in, selecting an apartment community with dedicated resources to bolster your career is a smart choice.

Ready To Set Up Your Apartment Office? Choose Southern Management

Whether you prefer small and cozy or large and spacious, Southern Management has various floor plans and apartment options ideal for every lifestyle and able to accommodate your office space needs. We have apartment communities across Maryland and Virginia that can come fully furnished, and select communities do offer business centers!

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