We’ve all been there. You couldn’t pare down your guest list and now it’s a little too close for comfort. What do you do when you have too many guests and too little space?

Regardless of the occasion, it’s helpful to have a game plan in advance. This will help you maximize apartment space long before your guests arrive.

How To Entertain Guests In A Small Apartment

Truthfully, entertaining in a small space requires much of the same preparation as entertaining in a big space, but with more attention to detail. Here are five tips to make your apartment feel more spacious while hosting.

  1. Use every inch of counter space. When setting out a meal, or even just drinks and hors d’oeuvres, use every available surface to your advantage. Keep table décor to a minimum, which will help maximize usable space. If serving dinner, choose a buffet style where plates are stacked and guests can serve themselves.
  2. Let light in. The more light you let in, the bigger the space will feel. Open bedroom doors, pull back curtains, and lift the blinds. This simple trick makes a huge difference!
  3. Designate a place for coats and bags. Offer to take your guests’ coats, jackets, and purses at the front door. This keeps them from being tossed on furniture which creates a cluttered look. If your hallway closet is a bit cramped, consider investing in an inexpensive coat tree to place near the door.
  4. Spread out your spread. For example, if you’re entertaining with food, drinks, and television, don’t put them all in the same spot. Place food in one room, drinks in another, and let TV watchers have their own space. This will force guests to move and mingle instead of congregating in one small space.
  5. Clean! Not only do you want to conduct the typical clean, but you’ll want to declutter your small apartment, too. Temporarily stash away unnecessary décor. Removing visual clutter really makes a space feel brighter and more open.

Use this ultimate apartment cleaning checklist or these helpful apartment organization ideas to get you started.

Ways To Maximize Apartment Space For Overnight Guests

Entertaining guests is one thing, but figuring out where everyone will sleep is another monster to tackle.

If you’ve invited more people to sleep over than you truly have room for, it’s time to get creative. As a host, it’s your job to ensure your guests are comfortable and happy, especially when it comes time for bed.

Here are a few tricks to host overnight guests in an apartment with limited space.

  • Guest beds. If you only have one guest bed up for grabs, give it to a couple (if there is one), so you can hit two birds with one stone.
  • Couches & futons. If you have them, use them. If you’ve got a shorter couch or futon, you may want to suggest a shorter guest or child takes it. Don’t forget to check if it’s a pullout!
  • Air mattresses. Air mattresses are a great alternative to the real thing. Make sure it’s completely inflated for maximum comfort. Top it off with clean sheets, a few cozy blankets and pillows, and your guest will sleep soundly.
  • Hosting kids? Get creative. If there are kids involved, you have more flexibility to get creative with the sleeping arrangements. Possibilities include sleeping bags, tents, bean bag chairs, or even an indoor hammock.

Allow your guests to spread out as much as possible in your small space. They’ll feel more comfortable and have more privacy if they’ve got a little corner to call their own.

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