Moving into a new apartment can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re in a new city. The best way to get through the discomfort is to find ways to feel at home quickly! Familiarize yourself with the area and get to know your neighbors so you don’t feel disoriented for long.

While the thought of introducing yourself to strangers might make you sweat, there are ways to ease into it without feeling super awkward. Here are some tips for how to get to know your neighbors in an apartment. 

Top Ways To Become Friends With Apartment Neighbors

The best way to make friends in a new city is to become friends with apartment neighbors. Consider these simple tactics to get your foot in the door and say hi to neighbors.

1. Leave a note on your door. 

Let them come to you! Leave a note on your door inviting your neighbors to drop in. Even something as simple as, “Just moved in! Stop by to say hi!” can do the trick. Many people want to become friends with their neighbors too, so this can be the bit of encouragement they need. 

2. Host a housewarming party. 

While you obviously don’t know your apartment neighbors yet, it’s quite possible that they don’t know each other, either. A housewarming party is a great way to not only meet them but to provide opportunities for them to connect with each other as well.

3. Find them on social media.

Many communities will have Facebook groups for their residents or a Facebook page for the community itself. If you can’t find one, start by joining neighborhood groups. Chances are there are at least one or two of your apartment neighbors in those groups as well. Sometimes it’s easier to strike up a conversation naturally online. 

4. Chit-chat in passing. 

As cliche, as it sounds, small talk while you are coming and going, can open doors to new friendships. Saying hi to neighbors is quick, easy, and gets the ball rolling. If you don’t know how to start a conversation with a stranger, try asking a question about the building and letting them know you’re new. If you’d prefer a different approach, try complimenting them! Everyone responds well to a genuine compliment, and it’s an easier way to get the conversation flowing than leading with “Hi. I want to meet my upstairs neighbors.”

5. Use the amenities. 

If your apartment community has a gym, pool, or business center, use it! This is a great way to find common interests with your neighbors. Plus you’ll quickly learn who the regulars are. Start by waving or saying hello to the people you recognize. Whenever the chance presents itself, strike up a conversation! If you’re not sure what to talk about, make a comment or ask a question about the amenity you’re both using.

6. Attend events hosted by your apartment community. 

Many communities host events or mixers to help residents connect with each other. For anyone figuring out how to meet friends in a new city, this is a great opportunity to meet people in similar situations or with similar interests! Keep in mind that there are probably others looking to make friends, too. If the building itself doesn’t host events, that doesn’t others can’t. Many communities have digital bulletin boards within their online resident portals. Don’t ignore them – check frequently to see if anything catches your eye.

7. Bring your pet with you.

Pets are the perfect icebreaker – who doesn’t love some attention from a furry friend? If you have a dog, bring him or her with you when you go out sometimes. They might be able to do the work of making a new friend for you. 

8. Offer a helping hand. 

When you see new neighbors in your apartment complex, introduce yourself and let them know that you’re there to help if anything comes up. This could be something small, like borrowing a cooking ingredient or a tool, or something bigger, like helping to run errands during tough times. Even though they may not take you up on it, this gesture of goodwill can go a long way toward helping you make friends, especially if you’re not sure how to get to know your neighbors quite yet.

9. Ask a question. 

Asking someone about themselves is one of the best ways to get a conversation flowing and avoid an awkward silence. Prepare a few questions to ask when you meet your neighbors – it could be something as simple as, “how long have you lived here?”

10. Spend time outside. 

Enjoying some sunshine can be one of the easiest ways to meet your neighbors. If your apartment complex has a rooftop deck, a pool, or a playground, you’ll be sure to find some of your neighbors there. If your apartment doesn’t have these things, go for a walk around the neighborhood or hang out at the nearest public park. You could meet others from your building there. 

How to Make Friends In A New City

Whether you moved into a new neighborhood across town, to a new city, or a new state altogether, take time to learn the area and get familiar with your surroundings. Exploring new places is another great way to meet new people — and it also teaches you the best spots in town to hang out with your new apartment neighbors!

What Do I Need To Do When Moving Into A New Neighborhood?

  1. Get involved in the local community. Volunteer, join a club, get a library card — whatever works for you is cool, just immerse yourself in your community. This will open doors to new people, places, and experiences that could improve your quality of life in your new area. Join neighborhood Facebook groups to keep up with all the latest happenings.
  2. Scope out the best spots in town. Restaurants, bars, movie theaters, malls — discover all the best deals and where people with similar interests flock! You’ll never meet new friends if you stay locked in your apartment all day. Get out there and explore your town, and you may just meet some cool people along the way.
  3. Decorate your apartment! Whether your apartment comes furnished or unfurnished, make it your sanctuary with embellishments and decor that feel like home. Plus, you want to feel comfortable enough to invite guests over and show off your place. This will likely be among your first orders of business when moving into a new apartment.
  4. Join Meetup groups relevant to your interests. If you’re struggling to make friends IRL, apps like Meetup can help. There’s a group out there for every interest, whether it’s playing a sport, reading, making art or something else. This is a great way to meet like-minded people who are also want to make new friends. 
  5. Use your existing connections in your new city. If you have a friend from school, an extended family member or a former colleague that lives in your new city, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Even if you weren’t close before, they may be a good starting point for building new community of your own. 

Meet Your Apartment Neighbors And Make Lifelong Friends At Southern Management

At Southern Management, we’ve fostered an incredible community of both team members and residents. Learning how to get to know your neighbors is easy with our community-based approach. Our priority is creating a comfortable, convenient environment for our residents while cultivating healthy relationships.

If you’re looking to move and want to meet new friends in your area, check out our apartment communities in Maryland and Virginia. Our friendly team is always willing to point you to the best spots in town and local community events. We’re here to make you feel at home.

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