With the rise of remote work and telecommuting (and, let’s be honest, Netflix), it seems like everyone is spending more time at home.

Spending more time at home creates downtime to pick up a new hobby, deep-clean your apartment, or host a potluck — but it also means that your neighbors are doing the same. Most people have experienced loud apartment neighbors at some point, and most of us understand that hearing your neighbors can simply be a part of apartment living. But that doesn’t mean that noisy neighbors aren’t a nuisance.

Whether it sounds like someone is playing indoor soccer all day long or you’re an unwilling audience to amateur karaoke night, learning how to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors in a respectful manner will be very valuable for those living — and working — in an apartment community.

How to Avoid Noisy Apartment Neighbors

There are some strategies you can employ while apartment hunting to minimize the risk of being stuck with noisy apartment neighbors.

  1. When attending an open house, keep an eye out for possible noisy areas. Elevators, laundry rooms, and other common spaces will bring more foot traffic — increasing the likelihood that residents near these areas will hear more noise.
  2. Ask questions about the community’s noise policy. Are there designated quiet hours? How does management handle noise concerns?
  3. Seek apartments on the top floor so you won’t have an upstairs neighbor.
  4. Review the lease for information on noise. If there isn’t anything in writing about this specific issue, that could be a red flag.

What If You Already Have Noisy Neighbors?

Even if you’ve taken all these steps, you could still find yourself dealing with noisy upstairs neighbors. Maybe they moved in after you, or their schedule recently changed, or they’ve just taken up tap dancing as a new hobby.

The first thing to do is to reflect on the types and levels of noises that could be coming from your apartment. This is not the time to engage in a “noise off,” nor is it the time to attempt to drown out your noisy neighbors by creating loud noises yourself.

It’s also important to understand that some noise is unavoidable and unpredictable. “As a renter, you have to be ready for some day-to-day noise—that’s just part of living at close quarters with other people,” notes Realtor.com, which has tips to help soundproof your apartment.

How to Approach Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

If earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, or white noise machines simply can’t drown out the squawking parrot upstairs, it might be time to approach your management company.

  • Start documenting each incident, including dates and times. This will show patterns you may have previously been unaware of. It’s much easier for your property manager to address specifics like this rather than vague generalizations.
  • Tell management which times are most inconvenient for you to experience noise. Can you sleep through anything but can’t stand your neighbor’s Jazzercize music while you try to wind down after work? Then let them know evenings before bed are a time that you need quiet. Does the vacuum cleaner running above your head at noon disturb your slumber because you work the night shift? That’s great information for management to pass along. Don’t just provide details about the offending party. Share details that will help your manager come to a compromise on your behalf.
  • Be patient. Often residents aren’t even aware that they are making an excessive amount of noise. Once management brings it to their attention, it’s quite possible you’ll notice changes.
  • As a last resort, ask your property manager if they’re willing to let you transfer to a different unit within the community.

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