There’s nothing quite like relaxing on your patio or balcony at the end of a long day. No matter the size of your apartment, having a private outdoor space to decorate and call your own can be a major perk in the midst of a busy urban landscape.

If you are fortunate enough to have outdoor square footage, invest some time and turn your balcony or patio into an outdoor oasis that you’ll want to visit as warm weather inches closer. You can think of your balcony as an extension of your living room, dining area, or even office space. After all, what’s better than taking Zoom calls outside if you’re working from home on a beautiful day?

Read on for furniture advice, decoration ideas, and other tips that will help you expand your living area and enjoy more of the outdoors. From the right seating to accessories that will liven up your patio, here’s how to make use of your balcony space.

Tips for Maximizing Your Balcony Space

  • Check the rules. Most apartment communities have rules about outdoor decorations, including what can and can’t be displayed on your balcony or patio. Limit your balcony and patio furnishings to plants, outdoor furniture, and décor intended for outside use such as string lights, lattice, and wind chimes. When in doubt, review your lease or contact your property manager before starting your patio or balcony decoration project.
  • Go green. Create your own lush patio or balcony space with potted and hanging plants. Save square footage and take advantage of height by adding a wall of greenery—such as a lattice or trellis covered with climbing vines—and hang small potted plants or herbs. A lattice or trellis will also provide some privacy and separation from your neighbors.
  • Choose space-saving seating. One of the biggest perks of outdoor space is the extra seating room, so be sure to make use of your apartment balcony by adding comfortable seating. Whether you prefer floor pillows, chairs, a daybed, or a lounger, measure your balcony to make sure everything will fit before committing to a purchase. To really maximize your square footage, consider an outdoor bench or coffee table with storage space. This will be a great spot to tuck away outdoor pillows, cushions, and blankets when you aren’t using them.
  • Select furniture that folds up. If you want to utilize your balcony space for hosting meals but don’t want permanent patio furniture, consider folding furniture your best friend. A fold-down table can turn your balcony into a cozy, yet temporary, breakfast nook. Foldable seating and side tables also allow you the flexibility to stow away patio or balcony furniture when not in use.
  • Pick double-duty items. The key to saving space—and money—when decorating an apartment balcony is selecting pieces and furniture that serve multiple purposes. Try colorful nesting tables that double as stools for extra seating, a beverage cooler that also acts as an accent table, or solar powered planter pots that provide extra light in the evenings. You can even find benches that are equipped with planting accessories, so you don’t have to choose between seating and garden space.

Make use of Balcony Space at Southern Management

No matter how petite it is, an apartment balcony or patio has plenty of design potential. With the right decorations and multipurpose furniture, your outdoor space can be transformed into a tranquil retreat where you can read, garden, entertain guests, or simply relax in the fresh air.

If you are looking for a new patio to decorate, let Southern Management help you find your dream apartment. With over 25,000 apartments across Maryland and Virginia, we offer beautiful living spaces of all sizes, many of which come with balconies and patios. Browse our apartment communities and talk to a leasing professional today to get started.