As work habits change and the workforce continues to move towards remote positions, some apartment developers and management companies are upgrading their often underused and outdated business centers into work from home coworking spaces they can offer as an apartment community amenity.

A hybrid of a business center, shared office space, and café, apartments with coworking space are an appealing option for residents who work from home.

How to Work From Home in a Coworking Space

When looking to separate personal and work life, having a coworking space at home can be the ideal solution.

For one thing, communal spaces tend to have very good Internet connections. Apartment management companies invest in high-speed Wi-Fi and powerful Ethernet to keep their residents happy.

Communal spaces in apartments often include perks you won’t have in your own apartment workspace, such as a conference room, a business-class printer, scanner, copier, or free beverages and snacks, depending on the development. An apartment coworking space also provides opportunities to make new friends or professional contacts.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when searching for apartments with coworking space:

  • The cost – As a resident, you want to know if a community coworking space is offered as a free amenity or if there is a cost associated with using it. Prioritizing your list of must-have apartment amenities in advance is helpful if there is an additional fee for use of a co-working space. This will make it easier to decide whether the perks of a work from home coworking space are worth the costs.
  • The equipment – Office equipment can be expensive, and there are probably items you need but won’t use often and don’t want to purchase, like a basic printer or copier. A coworking space will likely have equipment like this. But if you have a job that requires multiple or specialized computer screens, advanced sound and audio equipment, or high-definition scanners and printers, a coworking space may not be the best option.
  • The layout – Ideally, a work from home coworking space has a variety of seating and workspace options to accommodate different comfort levels and privacy needs. When evaluating coworking or other communal spaces in apartments, look for large flexible floor plans, enough seating to host a meeting or project group, and private spaces to take a phone call or focus solely on work.

Tips on How to Work Remotely

  • Don’t forget your headphones – A good pair of noise-canceling headphones are a necessity in a coworking space. (Bonus: the same headphone can help block out noisy neighbors in general.) Headphones signal to those around you that you shouldn’t be disturbed, and they allow you to listen to meetings and calls without disturbing others. And of course, if you’re someone who likes to listen to music or podcasts while working, you’ll be set.
  • Take your calls elsewhere – Along those lines, no one wants to hear you making or taking office calls. Make use of call booths if they are available or move to a more private area such as your own apartment. After all, being able to run back to your apartment is one of the major perks of having a coworking space at home.
  • Remember: It’s shared space – The very nature of a coworking space is communal, with tables and couches for working. But that doesn’t mean you should take up more than your fair share of space with papers and tools spread out over an entire area. If you need to spread out, consider using a booth or desk, if your work from home coworking space has them.
  • Clean up after yourself – This basic tip goes for all shared or communal spaces in apartments. While the management company may have a cleaning crew, it’s still your responsibility to clean up after yourself and remove any trash, including printouts, snack packages, coffee cups, etc. when you leave for the day.
  • Respect boundaries – While one of the perks of a coworking space is the social, collaborative vibe, everyone has different work habits. Not everyone wants to chit-chat or socialize. Be mindful of other people’s social cues and work habits. Also, don’t hit up your coworkers/neighbors for business or clients. If it happens naturally, great, but prowling for additional work or contacts at your coworking space is just awkward.

Make Working from Home, Work for You with Southern Management

As more and more people work remotely, apartment residents are going to need comfortable places to work inside their buildings. Apartments with coworking space are hot commodities and will continue to grow in popularity.

Southern Management has apartment communities across Maryland and Virginia, including properties with state-of-the-art business centers, expansive conference rooms, complimentary coffee bars, or Wi-Fi enabled lobbies and community rooms that can all be adapted to meet your remote work needs.

Contact our team to learn more today and start searching for your coworking space at home today!